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How Much Does Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cost?

The cost of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically the cost of the plan payments, plus the attorney fee, plus the filing fee and the credit counseling/financial management course fees.

Attorney Fee

The attorney fee in a chapter 13 bankruptcy is somewhat dictated by what the U.S. Trustee will allow. For most cases, the attorney fee for a where the household income is above median is $3,000 and for a below-median case it is $2,500.

In most cases, you do not need to pay the entire attorney fee before filing. We frequently include a large portion of the fee in the chapter 13 plan, and if the plan is confirmed are paid directly from the chapter 13 trustee.

We can usually work with you to come up with an upfront amount that you can handle. Many chapter 13 bankruptcies may be filed for as little as $500 up front . We we always will let you know what amount is required beforehand, and we will also provide you a Representation Agreement which governs with our fees and other aspects of our representation.

Filing Fee & Course Fees

For a chapter 13 bankruptcy, the filing fee is $281. The fee for the credit counseling and financial management course is usually between $5 and $30, depending on the provider you choose. We will supply a list of providers prior to our initial meeting.

Please contact us to discuss your financial situation and options in more detail, or to confirm a fee quote. You may also schedule a free consultation online or submit your information for review by a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney.

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