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How Much Does Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost?

The cost of filing bankruptcy is typically the attorney fee plus the filing fee and the credit counseling/financial management course fees.

Attorney Fee

Our attorney fee is primarily dependent on the complexity of the case and how much travel is required to attend the 341 hearing. While individual cases may vary somewhat, we do take great effort to standardize our fees, publish them online, and make them transparent:

For a simple, personal chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Twin Cities area, our attorney fee is $1,095. We typically add $100 if you are outstate because our attorneys may need to travel for the section 341 hearing. We may also add some cost if you have not lived in Minnesota for over two years, as we may need to use out of state exemptions. In the case that we take a third party guarantor, our fee may be higher to reflect credit risk. Most of our cases, however, are for our base rate.

We can confirm our fee over the phone or during the initial consultation. We will also provide a Representation Agreement which will provide the terms of our representation and govern our fees.

Filing Fee & Course Fees

For a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the filing fee is $306. The fee for the credit counseling and financial management course is usually between $5 and $30, depending on the provider you choose. We will supply a list of providers prior to our initial meeting.

Please contact us to discuss your financial situation and options in more detail, or to confirm a fee quote. You may also schedule a free consultation online or submit your information for review by a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney.

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